SIFF Cinema Downtown

SIFF Cinema Downtown

2100 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Seattle’s most iconic movie experience, SIFF Cinema Downtown features a mix of blockbuster studio films, specialty festivals and events, and first-run arthouse cinema, plus reserved seating selection and premium concessions such as local craft beer and chocolate popcorn.


USA | 2023 | Greta Gerwig

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SIFF year-round passes are not valid for this screening. Vouchers are valid.

This historic venue located in the heart of Downtown Seattle is one of only two operating cinemas in the world with the capability of screening three-strip Cinerama films on its epic 97-foot curved screen consisting of 2,000 vertical strips.

In May 2023, SIFF announced its acquisition of the former Seattle Cinerama Theater from the estate of Paul G. Allen. The announcement was made to an uproar of cheers and applause at Opening Night of the 49th Seattle International Film Festival on May 11.


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Plays Jul 19-24
Plays Jul 19-24
Opens July 25


SIFF Cinema Downtown is located in the Belltown neighborhood, with a variety of public transportation options including:

  • Bus: Metro Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 33, 40, 62, 124, 131, 132, 994, C Line, D Line, E Line, and H Line
  • Link light rail (Westlake Station)
  • Seattle Center Monorail
  • Seattle Streetcar (South Lake Union line)

Find your route with King County Metro Trip Planner or One Bus Away.

Plan ahead to select parking in the area. The closest garage to the venue is located at the Warwick Hotel. Additional neighborhood lots include Pacific Place, 3rd and Stewart, and Amazon Doppler (free parking nights and weekends). .


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  • Reserved seating—Pick your seats (one of 570 premium Figueras seats) at checkout to ensure your preferred screen view every time.
  • State-of-the-art A/V capabilities—Outfitted with the latest in motion picture technology, including digital laser projection and an impressive Dolby Atmos immersive audio system.
  • Local concessions—Featuring specialty beverages from local Washington vendors Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Yonder Cider, Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Caffè Umbria, and a special SIFF 50th Anniversary brew from Black Raven Brewing Co.
  • Chocolate popcorn—Yes, we have it! Enjoy a bag of the famous chocolate popcorn you know and love.
  • History—The venue is a cultural icon in Seattle and has undergone a number of upgrades and renovations since it first opened in 1963, one year after the World’s Fair came to town.
  • Merchandise—Show your SIFF support. Pick up merch at your next visit, from “chocolate popcorn” hats to t-shirts and more.
  • Pop culture display—Visitors can see reproductions of pop culture prop on display, curated by the Museum of Pop Culture.


SIFF is a nonprofit organization that relies on funds from a variety of sources from ticket sales to individual donations. Want to provide support with a one-time or recurring gift? Make a donation today.


What new benefits will SIFF members receive?

Popcorn! Discounts! SIFF members may use their popcorn punch cards at SIFF Cinema Downtown. Members receive five complimentary popcorns per year, and, yes, chocolate popcorn counts! Members also receive $3 off individual tickets.

How much will tickets be?

Member: $16.50 Online | $17.00 Walk-Up

Adult: $19.50 Online | $20.00 Walk-Up

Senior: $18.50 Online | $19.00 Walk-Up

Student: $18.50 Online | $19.00 Walk-Up

Child: $14.50 Online | $15.00 Walk-Up

SIFF Downtown uses "all-in pricing" so the full ticket price listed includes fees.

Will there be chocolate popcorn?

Of course! And to “top” it off, SIFF members can use their punch cards for five complimentary popcorns to receive a free small or medium popcorn (chocolate or regular). Enticed? Join today.

If you are already a member and haven't picked up your popcorn card yet, simply ask a Box Office Associate the next time you visit any SIFF Cinema venue.

Do you have any current job openings?

We post all our open positions here. As soon as we determine which of our current SIFF Cinema staff would like the opportunity to work at this new venue, we will be posting more job openings.

How can I volunteer?

We are very excited to welcome volunteers into our new theater. Please check out our Volunteer page for more information on how to join us.

What’s the history of the venue?

The Cinerama first opened in 1963 but met with declining business and faced demolition by the late 1980s. Paul Allen purchased the theater and began a series of renovations, creating a destination theater for blockbuster first-run movies and a variety of film festivals. The venue closed following Allen’s death and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pursuant to Allen’s wishes, it was earmarked to be sold with all Estate proceeds to be dedicated to philanthropy.

Why did you have to change the name?

Vulcan/The Allen Estate licensed the name from the original owner when it reopened 20+ years ago, but did not own the name “Cinerama.” The original terms of use of the name stated that upon sale, the name reverts solely to the owner and cannot be transferred with the property.

SIFF Cinema Downtown will be a temporary name until we determine a feasible timeline of moving forward to involve the public to select a permanent name and funding rebrand costs.

How was this acquisition financially possible for SIFF?

SIFF was presented with an exciting opportunity to acquire the Cinerama in late 2022 and is very grateful for the dedicated board members, donors, and grantors who supported this dream with financing. Without these generous funders, this simply would not have been possible for SIFF. In the coming months, SIFF will need even more community support as we move forward with a Capital Campaign to raise funds for first year startup costs. Consider a donation today.

SIFF is a non-profit, and this acquisition was something we hoped for, but would not have been possible without external funding. These designated contributions, the Wyncote foundation, the Paul Allen Estate’s generosity, and passionate funders made this possible for SIFF and for the community.

How will SIFF be using the City of Seattle & King County grants approved in August 2023?

Sums of $950,000 allotted in the City of Seattle’s mid-year supplemental budget, and $1,000,000 from King County were both approved August 2023. These funds will make it possible to open the theater as soon as possible and help with:

  • Signage – New signage was needed to cover any instance of the Cinerama name/mark, due to the legalities of the trademark law that was a part of the agreement in acquiring the space.
  • Staffing - This will be one of the largest expenses to start this business, requiring 20+ employees to be hired and trained prior to opening.
  • Acquisition - SIFF will use a portion of the King County funding to help offset the building acquisition costs.
  • Equipment Refurbishing - The theater is in beautiful shape, so no major renovations were needed. SIFF has refurbished equipment that had been sitting unused for three years including concessions, IT infrastructure and projection equipment, which all require time and funds. To get to the chocolate popcorn is more work than you would imagine!
  • Public Benefit Programs - A large part of the City funds will also be allocated towards starting and sustaining new programs outlined in the budget amendment, including new positions and internships as well as community outreach programming.

Can I read more about SIFF’s path to reopening the theater?

Sure! Take a look at the May 11 press release (“SIFF Acquires Seattle Cinerama Theater,” as well as our archived Updates page for some background info on how we got to a reopening date.