Back to the House of Tomorrow

Back to the House of Tomorrow

USA | 2023 | 41 min. | Simcha Shtull

August 9, 2023

This documentary tells the story of a house important for its role in Palm Springs history, and for its personal themes of family and community, tragedy and renewal. Explored are the decline of the house over the decades, its controversial fame as the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway, and its return to its original glory.

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Turned away by tragedy, Jill Alexander Kitnick returns to the house, recounting her childhood memories from the early 60s.

The film also examines the architectural significance of one of Palm’s Springs most-photographed homes, designed by architect William Krisel for the family of renowned Palm Springs developer, Robert Alexander.

  • Director: Simcha Shtull
  • Principal Cast: Dan Bridge, Paul Armitstead, Chris Menrad, James Harlan, David Lansing
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2023
  • Running Time: 41 min.