Auteur August

Auteur August

August 5–25, 2022

When we call a director an "auteur," what we are really saying is "world-builder." A film that reflects the director's vision for a place, time, space, concept, or environment that it would be inconceivable to not be in that place. When auteur runs smack into blockbuster, that is where the magic happens.

Many directors assume the auteur mantle, but fewer are able to translate that into wide-appeal blockbuster level films—Taika Waititi with Thor: Ragnarok, the Wachowskis with The Matrix, and Guillermo del Toro with Pacific Rim are three directors who have maintained that sense of world-building as they have moved from independent work to major studio success.

Join us in August at SIFF Cinema Egyptian as we take a deeper look at the A of auteur to the B of blockbuster.


Passes are available for each director's weeklong series, as well as ticket 6-packs which can be used for any Auteur August film (regardless of director).

August 5–11 - Auteur August: Taika Waititi - $65 ($45 SIFF Members)

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August 12–18 - Auteur August: The Wachowskis - $80 ($60 SIFF Members)

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August 13 - The Wachowskis: Matrix Marathon! - $40 ($30 SIFF Members)

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August 19–25 - Auteur August: Guillermo del Toro - $100 ($80 SIFF Members)

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$60 ($48 SIFF Members)

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$14 ($9 Members) / $13 Senior or Student / $11 Matinee

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