Cinema Dissection: Nope

Cinema Dissection: NOPE

March 16, 2024

Film Talks

Embark on a captivating academic journey with our class dedicated to the exploration of Jordan Peele's 2022 film Nope. This Cinema Dissection goes beyond the surface of cinematic entertainment, delving into the deeper layers of social commentary, symbolism, and narrative complexity that define Nope as a cinematic marvel. 

Engage in lively discussions with fellow students as we dissect the directorial choices, thematic elements, and cultural impact of this thought-provoking film that subverts the modern spectacle movie. This event is designed for film enthusiasts and scholars alike, offering a comprehensive examination of how cinema serves as a mirror to society. 

This Cinema Dissection is facilitated by Alien Superstar (and Artistic director of Seattle Black Film Festival) Isabella Price, and is in conjunction with our screenings of Nope and our March Monster Madness series.

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Saturday, March 16, 2024


Saturday, March 16, 2024
10:00am–4:00pm PT
SIFF Film Center
$25 Sustainer | $20 Regular | $15 Member


Cinema Dissection affords film lovers an exciting opportunity to dig deeper into the films that they love. Inspired by Roger Ebert's annual Cinema Interruptus in Boulder, CO, attendees will participate with a facilitator in a six-hour scene-by-scene, and sometimes shot-by-shot, deconstruction of the featured film. While the facilitator will certainly share their thoughts, anyone in the audience may call out "Stop" and either ask a question of the group or make an observation around a certain shot or moment in the film.

Isabella Price

About the Instructor:

Isabella Price is LANGSTON’s Film Program Manager, as well as a local artist and activist who has made Seattle her home since 2015. She has worked as a programmer for organizations including the Northwest Film Forum, Seattle International Film Festival, and Blanket Fort Films, and has served for multiple years on the board of Women in Film Seattle, the advisory board of KVRU Community Radio, and the Executive Film Advisory Board for Harbor Island Studios. She has long contributed to the success of the Seattle Black Film Festival as a community programmer and officially joined the LANGSTON staff team in 2021. Isabella will lead operations and management of the Seattle Black Film Festival.