Auteur August: Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi

August 5–11, 2022

Auteur August

Kiwi filmmaker Taika Waititi's gift for uproarious and absurd humor has served him well in his career, from indie hits like What We Do in the Shadows to the blockbuster franchise Thor: Ragnarok. Catch Waititi’s complete filmography from the dark to the bitingly funny, screening at SIFF Cinema Egyptian August 5-11.

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Taika Waititi
August 5 - 11

Friday, August 5
5:00pm - Boy (with short film Two Cars, One Night)
7:30pm - What We Do in the Shadows

Sunday, August 7
3:00pm - Thor: Ragnarok
6:30pm - Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Tuesday, August 9
6:30pm - Jojo Rabbit

Wednesday, August 10
4:00pm - Eagle vs. Shark
6:30pm - What We Do in the Shadows

Thursday, August 11
4:00pm - Hunt for the Wilderpeople
6:30pm - Thor: Ragnarok

Kiwi filmmaker Taika Waititi's gift for uproarious and absurd humor has served him well in his career. A multi-talented director/actor/comedian/screenwriter, he approaches his films with an anarchic sensibility: an eye for the absurd accompanied by humane and kind worldviews.

While acting in a New Zealand TV series called “The Strip,” Waititi conceptualized the story of two kids left alone in the car while their parents popped into the pub for a couple of pints. That became the Oscar nominated short Two Cars, One Night (which won SIFF’s Grand Jury Prize for short film in 2004) and he never looked back. His early films Eagle vs. Shark and Boy mix social commentary and drama with a quirky sensibility and nods to the New Zealand communities he grew up in. His comedic timing and sense of compassion became his signature stamp and launched him into the arthouse circuit with projects like vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows and coming-of-age Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Waititi made the leap to true blockbuster with 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, which freely mixed humor with horror, action-adventure, and other genres. Next came Jojo Rabbit, a dark, bitingly funny film about the Nazis starring Waititi as Imaginary Hitler, winning him an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Now at the helm of the next chapter in the Thor cycle (Thor: Love and Thunder) as well as the next Star Wars franchise film, Waititi is still bringing his offbeat sensibility and humanity to smaller projects and supporting Indigenous art with “Reservation Dogs” and Next Goal Wins, about America Samoa’s quest to play soccer in the World Cup.

Two Cars, One Night

New Zealand | 2003 | 12 min. | Taika Waititi

Sometimes first love is found in the most unlikely of places, like in the carpark outside the Te Kaha pub.

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New Zealand | 2010 | 87 min. | Taika Waititi

August 5, 2022

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

At the height of Michael Jackson and E.T. fever, an 11-year-old Maori reunites with his wannabe-gangster father.

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Jojo Rabbit

New Zealand | 2019 | 108 min. | Taika Waititi

August 9, 2022

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

A daring, touching, and comedic satire about a young German boy who discovers a Jewish girl hiding in his home and consults with his imaginary best friend, Adolf Hitler.

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Eagle vs. Shark

New Zealand | 2007 | 93 min. | Taika Waititi

August 10, 2022

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

A geek-chic comedy, tracking the romance between self-aggrandizing computer store geek Jarrod and sweet, socially-challenged fast food clerk Lily.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

New Zealand | 2016 | 93 min. | Taika Waititi

August 11, 2022

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

A heartwarming adventure comedy about a "bad egg" foster kid who triggers a manhunt when he escapes into the forest with his cantankerous new guardian.

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Thor: Ragnarok

USA | 2017 | 130 min. | Taika Waititi

August 11, 2022

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Thor must race against time to stop the seemingly imminent Ragnarok, a cataclysmic event that could end all of Asgardian civilization.

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What We Do in the Shadows

New Zealand | 2014 | 86 min. | Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement

August 10, 2022

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Vampire housemates try to cope with the complexities of modern life and show a newly turned hipster some of the perks of being undead.

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