BACK2SCHOOL: School of Rock

School of Rock

USA | 2003 | 109 min. | Richard Linklater

August 25, 2023


When Dewey Finn, a rock 'n' roll enthusiast, poses as a substitute teacher, he turns a group of straight-laced students into a head-banging band, leading them on a wild and musical adventure that proves anyone can rock, regardless of age.

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School of Rock is a rockin' comedy that hits all the right notes. Dewey Finn, a struggling musician, poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious elementary school and turns his class into a full-blown rock band. As he teaches his young students the power of music and rebellion, they unleash their inner rock stars and discover their true potential. Packed with infectious tunes, heartfelt moments, and Jack Black's electrifying performance, School of Rock is a heartwarming and uproarious film that reminds us all to embrace our passions and march to the beat of our own drum.

  • Director: Richard Linklater
  • Principal Cast: Jack Black, Adam Pascal, Sarah Silverman, Mike White
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2003
  • Running Time: 109 min.
  • Screenplay: Mike White
  • Cinematographers: Rogier Stoffers
  • Editors: Sandra Adair
  • Language: English